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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Treasures at The Goodwill

I'm linking up with Faded Charm for White Wednesday and Show & Tell Friday at My Romantic Home this week ~ links on sidebar.

I get so excited when I get a few extra minutes to run into The Goodwill. I know many of you know what I mean. You seriously never know what your gonna find there. My finds went across the board this past weekend from a fantastic (somewhat creepy) bust of a little boy to an old shoebox (1954) filled with cookie cutters. I didn't buy it for the cutters though - if you could see these graphics you'd flip. It is a box from Mother Goose children's shoes ~ so much fun. Also this amazing vintage equestrian riding helmet, a brand new scrolly frame and finally this Queenly planter. I went in for old jewelry component's ~ go figure.

Dee xo


  1. Great finds! I love that picture frame and the planter with the crown!

  2. I wish I could find nice things at our GW. I have a vintage riding hat just like that one, but mine came from an antique store many years ago.

  3. Oh the planter is nice! I had to break up with my Goodwill because the prices were just going up up up. I told the woman at the counter we were breaking up when a paperback became two dollars! She looked at me oddly.


  4. Very nice finds, I love to go to Goodwill, and I go every chance I get.
    good to see you...

  5. You always have the best the shoe box!

  6. Three of those crown planters came home with me, two small, one big. Our vendor sells them so cheap. I LOVE you goodwill finds too. They are the best, don't you think?

    Take care, Sue

  7. Oh my what great treasures! I Love our Goodwill! We have several in our area, in fact I call them the "GW Boutique"! Especially when I am wearing something cute that I happened to find there and someone happens to ask me about it! LOL Happy Junkin...Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  8. I love that planter and now that I read Sue's comment I know where to find one!!!

  9. I love your crown pot!!! I have one of those hats for our site. I have to list it. We are going to the thrift shop today (walking). I hope I can find some treasure to haul back in the carriage. That is unless it RAINS AGAIN!!!!! Why can't it be sunny for more than one day here in CT:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Hi Dee,

    Great finds at Goodwill and a wonderful organization that supports good works, as well.


  11. Dee,

    Looks like you have a great Goodwill. Love the riding hat.


  12. yeah for goodwill! love the creepy boy bust. (that even sounds creepy.)

  13. You found some great things, I need to go by there more often! Love the riding hat!

  14. That bust is really cute, but I loooove that shoebox! The graphics are just amazing. I never find anything like that at Goodwill!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  15. Great finds!! Love all the creams.
    Thanks for coming by


    barbara jean

  16. Great treasures Dee! Love the adorable shoebox!!

  17. My goodness, that is one heck of a GOOD Goodwill you have by you! I doubt I could find anything even close to as lovely as your finds. I love the bust of the boy!

  18. Yeah- I don't think I have ever found that many pieces of gorgeousness at the Goodwill here. :-) I love the crown pot and the bust! And thank you for the comment the other day... I am glad someone else can share my pain. Today Maci wrote all over herself with marker... ALL over- and then proceeded to color on Fibi. Clearly it is impossible for me to even wash my dishes. lol How is yours making out in daycare? Mine would be expelled for sure!

  19. You hit the jackpot at Goodwill. I am going to age myself now. As a child my mother would take me to the Mother Goose shoe store. I loved getting shoes from there because they always gave me a gold plastic egg with candy and trinkets inside. Okay, Now you know I am pretty old but hey it was a fun trip as a child.
    xo, Sherry

  20. That Mother Goose box is wonderful! :)

  21. Hi Dee~
    Thanks for visiting my creative space yesterday!
    What treasures!! I'm totally digging that riding hat ... you must see a lot of those ??
    have a happy day ; )

  22. So where is this goodwill? I wanna go....I absolutely love that riding hat! Thanks for your comment on my little attic studio....

  23. I must confess I too am a goodwill girl! From way...back.
    There are days when you walk in and out with nothing.
    And others where you have to get a buggy and tick everyone off in line behind you because you have found so many wonderments.
    I love all of the amazing things you were able to find.
    Have fun with your new treasures.

  24. SUCH fun finds! I am now addicted to GW hunting! I ran into mine yesterday as I was also dropping stuff off. Doesn't really make sense but oh well! Didn't find anything this time but last time I scored! ;-)


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