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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Dwindles Down

Well, I guess it had to happen ~ Summer is coming to an end. But, for a few very short weeks, we get the best of both worlds. Gone is the intense humidity, frantic vacation plans, camp schedules, etc. Instead, we gain Summer's gorgeous warmth, backyard BBQ's (less bugs), campfires, swimming at the lake, weekend morning at the Farmers Markets  (and lets not forget the fact that the kids are back in school:) For me, one of the best things about this time of year is my PeeGee Hydrangea Tree. It never fails to make me swoon first thing inthe morning, pressing at my windows. The bees just love it ~ it literally humms all September. Even the garden spider enjoys its leafy canopy and heavy bobbing blossoms. Which sometimes makes for a surprising bouquet.

After shaking out the squatters, I bundle them up and dry them in any receptical worthy of their beauty. They fill most rooms in my house. This particular lovely vase, is actually a broken oil lamp.  I fell in love with its milk glass and rusty iron base, hiding in a cardboard box at (where else) yes, the flea.

Enjoy these last few fleeting days of Summer. Before you know it, you'll be arguing over who's "doing Christmas" this year.

Joining Faded Charm once again for White Wednesday.

Dee xo


  1. Love that beautiful bush. Does it get very tall? We just took out most of the bushes in front of the house and are looking for something fabulous to replace them with. You 'vase' in so pretty, what a great idea. It is HHH again here today! You must get the cooler weather before us:) Have a great week!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I love hydrangas, My Mother has soome growing in front of her house.

  3. eeeek, christmas is coming so fast!!
    those are gorgeous blooms!!!

  4. Hi Dee, Thank's for stopping by. And the blooms of the hydrega are beautiful! Mine dont look as nice as yours maybe I need to place the bush somewhare ealse. Julian

  5. I'm ready for fall to-the hydrangeas are nice! Happy WW

  6. I think the peegee is my favorite too. I am hoping to take time and get some gardening done this weekend and I plan on cutting some flowers to bring in.

  7. Oh the hydrangeas are so gorgeous! WOW! I love all you finds...So French, so Vintage!
    Thank you for linking up to French Obsession :)
    Love ya :)

  8. I don't want to think about the end of summer or Christmas...I'll just enjoy those gorgeous pictures and live in denial!!!

  9. I have my hydrangea just outside my kitchen window and it bobs in the wind and waves at me. I just love these flowers, fresh and bright or dried!
    Mine are all green/brown now and I have them stuck everywhere and more to do!
    Hugs- Tete

  10. Oh my, those are gorgeous! Ours are all gone and dried up now, so your must really be in a wonderful spot and well cared for. LOVE how you've arranged them and looking forward to more!
    Blessings, Doni

  11. They are just lovley, my grandfather used to grow them and they were always stunning, I think I will add some to my garden as it's looking very dull.

  12. I have a few hydrangeas, but not white. Your tree looks so happy. I would like to have more whites in the garden, another goal. :-)

  13. Oh, these are so gorgeous, Dee! I hope you will share one of your posts on the Creative Spirit Challenge on the 8th--I know everyone would LOVE this beautiful blog!
    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.

  14. We're talking Christmas already? Where did 2010 go? I must have blinked but I did see this beautiful bouquet of flower - this whole blog is beautiful. Wow.


  15. What a beautiful shade of hydrangea... just gorgeous!
    Have a great Labor Day weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  16. Oh!
    We DO have great minds! ;)
    Lovely bouquet, you have!
    Thanks for coming by my home so I could meet you!
    I love your pretty blog!
    I could learn some things from you!

  17. I love your comments about enjoying this time of year, I couldn't agree more! I just planted my first Pee Gee Hydrangea, in a tree form, I adore the way the branches hang with the large flowers... Your hydrangeas are beautiful and so large! Love the vase! Liz

  18. Do you mind telling me a little more about preserving your hydrangeas... I cut some and put them in water, am I supposed to just let them dry and not use any water?
    Thanks, Liz


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