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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wait for meeeee.....

Oh my Gosh ~ What am I thinking???? I almost missed my favorite party ~ Silver  Sunday. Its very late so I'll make this a quickie. Hey, I mean the post.  I picked up this lovely set of quadruple plate silver from where else - The Goodwill. They simply have the best silver sometimes. Its hit or miss really - but lately, Ive been hittin'. Isn't it pretty? The set consists of the teapot, creamer and sugar. Plus I also picked up a super cute monogrammed pitcher of some sort ~ it may be a gravy holder, not sure.

Im not familiar with the history of quadruple plate - but do plan on looking into it a bit more. Its very different from other silvers, the ornate patterns etc. I did pick up a few other lovelies since the last Silver Sunday. This amazing "Ella" napkin ring and pretty silverplate serving tray.
Okay - Im off to link up before it closes. Please check out all the other fantastic Silver Sunday entries hosted by Gypsy Fish ~ link is at Sidebar.

Dee XO


  1. Beautiful pieces -- and thank you for introducing me to Silver Sundays!!! Sounds like my ind of party :)

  2. What a beautiful collection of antique silver. And the water pitcher is a great find....Julian

  3. Dee they are gorgeous! i know they are very old!

    I hop you will come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

    Art by Karena

  4. Great finds! Your Goodwill is awesome!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  5. What a haul . . . and I covet your napkin ring!!!! It's lovely!!!!

    Thanks for visiting Linderhof!

  6. I love the new goodies you have found!
    There is just something really yummy about tarnished silver!
    I wanted to tell you I did a plug for your shop on my post this morning!
    Have a blessed day!

  7. Just gorgeous, let us know what you find out. I have a few pieces, and you're right it IS much more intricate.

  8. hey! Thanks for stopping by Bender Oak and your super sweet comments. I love your recent finds! I'm still on a Hit Or Miss with my local Thrift, I've been looking for a Teapot myself, lol!

    The Monogrammed Napkin Ring is awesome, such ornate care and design on such a little, simple piece.

  9. Hi Dee, It's been pretty much "hit" for me lately too. We have one more weekend around here for yard and garage sales before people call it quits until the Spring and I am hoping for a "hit" one more time. Love all your silver today. I was super lucky and found myself a vintage silver champagne bucket this past weekend. It's been abused but I like it that way. :) I have always thought it would be fun to collect the old silver napkin rings like yours. Do you know the reasoning behind them being monogrammed? Maybe I should tell that story on my blog. LOL.....Have a wonderful week. :0 xo Lynn

  10. WOW these at goodwill! You really did hit it.. I love the Ella Napkin ring!

  11. Gorgeous pieces! My little great niece's name is Ella, wish I could find a napkin ring like yours for her. The tea service is so pretty, it looks very large or is that the way the photo was taken?

  12. Fabulous silver finds Dee. I have gotten a lot of silver at garage sales lately. People seem to be getting rid of it which is super fine with me!

  13. lOVE your gorgeous new treasures! The Ella napkin ring is so sweet. Anything with a name or initial is great. I have never heard of that kind of silver before. I wonder if I have any;)Have a great week:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  14. Hey Dee now you must be shopping at a much better Goodwill then we have here. I never find anything home decor worthy but the clothes are great.
    let me know about the guinea pig thing.

  15. Makes my heart go "pitter patter"! I LOVE to find old silver when I am out on the junkin trail!! Great finds.....our Goodwill has started putting all of the better pieces in the Bid Auction on Sat. so I usually am not there to try and "win" the bid!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  16. Dee -

    I have a collection of quadruple plate silver. I can't resist the detailing on these pieces. The best description I've found is: Quadruple Silverplate, Quadruple Silver Plate & Quadruple Plate – Silver items of some of the highest quality made during the latter part of the 19th century. Within the silversmith and silver manufacturing industry, items marked "Standard" silver plate indicate that 2 troy ounces of pure silver were used to silver electroplate 144 teaspoons, but "Quadruple" silverplate used 4 troy ounces of silver to plate the same 144 teaspoons.
    Love your pieces.

    Your Friend,

  17. that napkin ring is so pretty!

  18. Love all of the silver, seems I can never leave a tray,teapot or candlestick behind when thrifting. You should take a look at - she just did a post about silver water pitchers or tankards, looks just like yours.

  19. And I'm late getting to all the Silver Sunday posts so am trying to catch up this evening before the next one rolls around. So glad I didn't miss this one. Your Goodwill finds are fabulous. I don't have that kind of luck at our GW stores. The tankard is my favorite. I've just recently added one of these to my home and am looking for me. I see lots of possibilites for these charmers. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah


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