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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feathering the Autumn Nest and a sweet SALE

I cannot lie about it ~ I love Summer and I am going to miss it sorely. It is above all, my favorite season. But if I must pick a runner up I guess its Autumn. With Autumn, comes settling into our cozy homes for some mild form of hibernation ~ ok, I guess I like that too. Especially if food is involved.
Release the Hounds
But here I digress. What I wanted to let everyone know is that, starting today, French Bleu Vintage is having a really cool SALE.  Just what we all need to really settle in and get our nests cozy. Its a buy 4 get 1 FREE sale from the $5 French Bleu Bargain Basement department. You can reach the shop just by looking to your right and clicking on the "LETS SHOP" link at the top.
Vintage French scene coasters
Of course you are going to need at code to input at checkout...and here it is: 
I seriously need to clear out many small items from the shop.  You see, when we buy lots from Estate Sales and auctions, there are many great items, however, you need to buy in bulk to get better prices. therefore, I am literally tripping over the smalls here. I will be listing a few more throughout the day, but I do not expect them to last ~

With that said..."Release the Hounds" and happy hunting!

Have a great week  everyone ~ 
Dee Xo


  1. Summer is too hot here with a baby so I am happy for Fall. I am glad you liked the cones. Everybody thought they were cool and yummy.
    I have the French party still on Monday and Friday I am starting a new one called. What inspires me Friday. I though. With all the negative out there. It would be a good idea to make a post on the things that inspire me during the week. Hope you join. Thanks for the visit.

  2. Some lovely items in your shop! I thoroughly enjoying reading through your lovely blog. Personally, I'm an Autumn fan - as long as it doesn't rain! I love the bright, crisp sunshiny mornings and the colours that come with it!
    best wishes from England,
    Paula x


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