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Monday, November 9, 2009

Around The Corner

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Its coming. Like your 25th high school reunion or your kids next birthday party. Something you really don't want to deal with but its coming anyway so you'd better make a good go of it: THE HOLIDAYS. I start to work myself up into a dervish come November and by Thanksgiving I'm into full blown trauma. By looking at my shop you wouldn't think this of me. It looks so peaceful and calm, like I have it all under control - which of course I do not.

So I decided to take a page out of my shop and really try to enjoy myself during the Holidays this year. GASP! I may not even send out cards (except to you Denise :) because it has just become so automated. We'll see, I'm sure I'll have a mean case of the guilts around December 15th. Long story short: I am not going to do it "all" this year: The cookie swaps, the open house parties, volunteer for everything that comes my way, even trying to make the meaningful "homemade gifts", its just too much. I am going to cut back. I have already started shopping online for gifts - I have finally discovered the beauty of finding one of a kind gifts that you know your sister will love and the mall does not carry~ the green depression glass egg cups that are missing from her collection ~ or a really cool sterling silver vintage belt buckle. And it comes right to your home ~ no parking lot nightmares, overspending or germ laden lines to wait in (I also have a bit of the flu phobia goin' on).

So, I start November with the best intentions; to really enjoy what is important: Family, friends, and food....glorious holiday food. Which is another blog entirely.

Thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by to welcome me to the crazy, wonderful world of blogging. I haven't truly caught on yet ~ but please be patient ~ I'll get there.


  1. Welcome to the blog-world, and congrats on your beautiful shop! I love all the vintage beauty! :)

  2. Dee-you know exactly how I feel about all this holiday madness--let's skip it and me and you go some where tropical!

  3. Hi Adrian-
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. We seem to have similar shops and dreams of buying barns! :)
    Would love to meet up some day, it's always great to commiserate with other shop owners.

  4. Dee, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments! Best of luck with your store and your blog, it is beautiful! I will definitely be back.

    My store and blog keep me connected to the outside world. There is nothing better than getting an email, order, or comment while they are fighting over a toy or if I can tune out Dora the Explorer for just a moment... it help keep me sane!

    Best wishes,

  5. I just checked out your site - it is full of beautiful things! I just love it.

    Welcome to the blogging world,


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