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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get out there

Its only December 2 and I've already broken my vow of "less is more" for the Holidays. Rowan, my 20 month old, is in daycare for a few hours while I volunteered at my son, Pearsons school. And of course, while there, I was hit up for some more volunteer, donations and assorted other things I should have said "No" to immediately, but didn't. Oh well ~ tomorrow is another day.

Rowan is giving me about 3 hours of sleep per night this month for some reason. Any help out there??? She is terrified of something at night. My husband thinks that some of the Vintage items I bring into the house has "bad juju" attached to it. Who knows - could be. But its mine now - juju be damned!! Anyway, I'm lucky I get anything done at all on three hours sleep. I do feel wicked proud at the fact that I was able to figure out how to attach a new header, etc. for this blog page. Not a bad job I think (can you hear me patting myself on the back). Many thanks to Cute and Cool Blog Stuff (link at top left) for the images.

Not a long speech today ~ there is too much to do really. I did grab some fabulous Flea finds this past weekend and will be posting them at my new Etsy site: Which is acb66. Or at my webstore: I will try and do a sage smudge cleansing ritual with all items before listing them :)))))) I throw that in for my husband, Rons sake. I still have a few of the" Country Living Merry & Bright~ 301 ideas for Celebrating Christmas" books as a free Holiday giveaway. I will honor that deal at either shop. Its not listed anywhere on Etsy though. Please read the details below.

I'm off ~ As Ron always says "Its a new day ~ go learn something".

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  1. As one of those very kind (and odd)family members you spoke of, let it be known that the life saving Sleep Sheep is frolicking your way as we speak! He'll send that Rowan off to Lala land faster than you can lick the salt off the rim of a margherita glass!!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm my daughter was doing that too and we discovered that her room was too "dark" for her....we only (at the time) had a battery operated night light in her room...went to the store and got her a Princess Carriage Night Light (thing is HUGE in scale compared to regular plug in the wall night lights)...this has got a cord and stands by itself....and it has helped ever since! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Also .... I don't know how big your daughter is....but Brookie is REALLY big for her age...not weight wise...but height wise....and she was OUTGROWING her crib before her time....after the night light trick ... we tried the "big" girl bed...and then she had more room to stretch out and a better mattress than just a crib one and that seemed to help too :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh my I do remember those sleepless nights. I really feel for you! My first born didnt sleep all night til he was 4. My second was an angel and we did alot of things different with her, Hung out in her room alot more during the day, put her to bed when she was still awake and shut the door. (opposed to rocking her to sleep and tiptoeing up the stairs just to have my son wake up at the top!)Good luck I am sending sleep wishes your way:)

  4. With our son we had trouble with sleep and we put a CD player in his room and played Harry Conick Jr (he loves Harry) all night very soft and it seems to help. I think that his room wasn't so scary and quiet when he would wake up. Bad habit but it lets me sleep a few hours more each night...good luck!

    Best wishes,


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