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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flea Market Monday

I had such a great trip to my local Flea Market yesterday. I haven't been in about 2 months (I hate the cold) and all the great stuff that accumulated while I was away was just waiting for me. I was seriously running from table to table...and finding stuff. You know how sometimes you go to a flea and there is nothing ~ I hate that feeling ~ but not this week. It gave me some much renewed enthusiasm for the upcoming Flea Market Season. What it didn't give me was room to hold everything. I have SOOO much stock for my webstore,, built up in every available room in my house, I think I lost my daughter amongst the piles for about 30 minutes last week. NOT GOOD!!

Therefore, without further ado, I am proposing this: I am still going to market every weekend...oh yes I will. But, instead of listing every little treasure I find in the shop, I am grouping some of them into lots. 1 per week, and every Monday evening I will post about the weekends haul here on my blog. It will then be available for sale at if anyone finds that they absolutely must have it right now!!!. The link is on my sidebar.

I just love this idea because sometimes its not so fascinating to see a lone milkglass jar or a skeleton key. Its rather unimaginative ~ but throw in a super paperweight dome with a big "1" smack dab in the middle, and a creamer & sugar that screams "Hello next SilverSunday" ~ well, now its a party. So please tell me your thoughts on this idea ~ if it takes off, well then maybe we CAN make a party out of it.

Heres what's in this weeks lot: Obviously, the paperweight, the silver creamer & sugar set (which does say sterling on the creamer) 2 milkglass apothecary jars, skeleton key (not real, just decorative, its only half a key but check out the fleur des lis on it) nice rusty old padlock, awesome heavy black oval floral frog (really nice, almost don't want to give it up) stainless silverware ring (also very nice, about a size 7) Very cool vintage brooch frame surrounded by small pearls, probably had a cameo in it at one time. Also a wicked shade of lusterware green vintage frog, and finally last but nowhere near least, is an amazing hand mirror with Victorian lady scene. The mirror has lead coming through but is in great shape. I have no idea what it is made of. Doesn't seem at all like plastic and I don't really know what celluloid or bakelite looks like. But the vendor did say it was probably one of the 2 - who knows - very very nice though.

ooh, I almost forgot, as with every Flea Market adventure there will always be an extra surprise item. Something in the lot that isn't mentioned in the post. I just love it when vendors throw in a little something for free. So I am passing that on to you as well.

p.s~ I smell giveaway somewhere with this idea

Thanks for your comments on this as I am torn as to really do it or not ~

Dee xoxo


  1. i like your idea - and i am so jealous that you get to go to a flea market! i haven't seen a spoon ring in forever.

  2. Great idea! Our little flea market is outdoors and won't get started again until really warm dry weather...I miss it. It's not that great of a market though but sometimes I find something really cool there.

  3. I love your idea because Nicole and I were talking about the same thing!!! We must be on the same wave length. We are always thinking of new ideas for the boutique.I think it is fun to buy a 'lot' of things myself. Our customers can put things together to make their own look. There are so many creative people:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. I think it is a great idea. You never know until you try something and if it doesn't take off, at least you tried. I never thought the WW theme would be as big as it is. The first couple of weeks I only had a hanful of people join in and i was actually kinda embarassed and not sure if I should keep doing it, but then people started finding out about it and it took off. Good luck!


  5. Just what you need - another excuse to shop! That being said I really like the idea. It's a great lot and I would have a hard time giving up that metal frog. How good are you at photoshopping??? :) Frog??? What frog? I see no frog. Some savvy shopper will snap this up - and worse case scenario - it's yours!!

  6. Dee,

    I think it is a great idea. I haven't seen anything like it in my blog travels. You know it is always best to be the "first" with an idea.

    Go for it. I'm guessing the more you do it the keener your eye will become in grouping themed collections. Now you just need a really catchy phrase for the notion.

    "lots of fleas" oh good gracious no!!!! :-)


    *Hope you bought the #8 mag from Carole. She has a few #5's left she said. You will LOVE IT!!! I have never enjoyed any mags like I do these, well except some special Somerset ones...and they are !5.00 If you have been following the finnnish,swedish, norwegian blogs, you will be in Heaven.

    but go ahead and blame me anyway...



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