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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Wednesday ~ Orchids & Cats

This week I chose to show everyone another furry baby of mine: This is Calvin. Half of the couple that wreak havoc in our house ~ his brother, Hobbes, shows no real interest in the orchids ~ thank God. This type of Orchid is called a "Moth Orchid", I am told ~ they are really gorgeous and huge.

At my office , we change the floral arrangements (always orchids) every 3 weeks. The old ones get to come home with a lucky worker bee ~ this was my week ~ lucky me. I wish I knew what to do to keep them looking like this (keeping the cat away would probably be a good start). Any clues out there? I've already had it for over a week and its still looking pretty good.

My second choice for White Wednesday was going to be the incredible amount of snow we are getting in CT today ~ but I wanted to share this lovely flower with everyone before it sings its swan song ~ which, if Calvin has any say ~ won't be too far off.

Please swing by our Host, Kathleen @ Faded Charm, & check out all the fantastic White Wednesday Posts.

Happy White Wednesday Everyone~~~~~~~~


  1. Gorgeous!!...your cat is super beautiful! What a charming post! Happy WW!
    Here is mine too!

  2. Isn't that cute..the cat is posing so nicely, and there's a cat in the poster behind it. Very good! Love orchids.

  3. Love your names for the cats! We had orchids in Florida but there we didn't have to do much to keep them alive - keep them warm, moist and in some shade was all I did. We gave all ours to our mail lady when we moved to NC!

    Carolina Mountains

  4. Orchids are so beautiful and I love your white one and your pretty kitty. My neighbor travels a couple of months out of the year and has me take care of her orchids while she is gone. I jut put the in our garden tub and give them a misting and good soak every now and then. So good. I have kept them looking good. :) Happy White Wednesday.

  5. I've always loved orchids and lucky you to be able to enjoy one in your home. i also enjoyed your cat. We had one that looked just like him quite a few years ago when we first moved here.

    Enjoy your day.


  6. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful flowers and your sweet sweet kitty. So nice to sit there and make the perfect portrait for you. Saw your cute cat artwork on the wall too.

  7. Orchids seem to add elegance to any the top photo where they appear to be framing Calvin.

    Thanks for stopping by today Dee, always good to meet another mad Depp fan! We saw the shorts of Alison Wonderland when we went to see Avatar and I am so looking forward to it's release in March...the shorts were fabulous!!

    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  8. Calvin looks a lot like my Amy. (Check the sidebar on my blog to see a photo of her.) Sorry about the snow.
    ... Connie

  9. I know I'm suppose to know all!!! haha but we never sell orchids. We just don't have the right places to keep them. i know they need to have their roots cleaned up and repotted in new orchid soil every year. When they stop blooming you don't fertilize them. Water them throughly in the sink but then let then dry out a bit.
    Too much work for me!!! why I like the fake kind! lol
    LOve your sweet kitty!!!!

  10. Calvin is so pretty. How great it must be to be able to bring home Orchids from work:) The show went really well. Thanks for asking.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. Love Orchids & Love Cats.... Together they are Wonderful....
    My Cat has chewed on My orchids leaves a few times.... BTW Orchids are easy, the flower stems can last for weeks to months...
    Jamie from Simply Me Art
    Knows all about orchids

  12. ooooh, your kitty is such a cutie...stay warm:)...thanks for sharing...happy white wednesday...

  13. OH what a bueatiful cat. Our cats name is Kitty. But he gets into too much trouble.


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