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Sunday, February 21, 2010

WinterFest & Ice Carvings

Well, I'm pretty sure its apparent that I am no fan of cold weather. But our friend, Bill Covitz, check him & his carvings out @ was doing an ice carving demonstration this weekend @ Lyman Orchards (check them out @ Annual Winterfest Show. Its still a wicked sure bet that I now despise the cold, but I sure as hell appreciate ice and these amazing magicians that turn ice into Art like I have never seen before. I don't know how they do it ~ its seriously a mystery to me. First, you have to be some sort of Ice Demi-God just to imagine it in 3D and then sculpt it. Nothing, short of a miracle in my book. Then it must be done in below freezing temps without your hands falling off. Honestly, next to a Laser-Brain Surgeon ~ this is the occupation that baffles me the most ~ all the way home I kept asking "but how does he do it?"

I will never know ~ mostly because I am a big baby that cannot tolerate the cold.


  1. That would have been fun to watch. It's really a true art. It's too bad all that work eventually melts away! I would be crushed!

  2. Holy Ice Demi God Batman!



  3. agree 200% on everything you said! I'm a summer kind of girl myself!

  4. Wow Dee, those are great!!! Thank you for the shout out on the side of this page. I just noticed it -Love it!!! I have been to that flea market in the past. I even know some of the dealers but then again I know many vendors at flea markets in CT:) Ours here in Woodbury should be getting his permit this week, I believe. Then it will be open again. Maybe we can meet for breakfast and go to it? Oh, check out my blog to see my new 'old'cabinet that we got in an indoor flea market:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. hi Dee- hope your headache is gone. I think you need to have Ronald fly me out there to get your creative space camera ready!!

    OMG (jumping up and down)


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