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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Framed in White @ FrenchBleuVintage

I would seriously love to go outside and take some lovely photos of the freshly budding Pear trees with their white blossoms. Or maybe I'll just catch the plump white geese paddling happily in the pond across the road from my house. Wait, there wasn't a pond there 2 days ago. Its been raining for 3 days straight here, and we have some great new ponds to explore on the next sunny day.... whenever that is.

I'm not goin' out there ~ instead here is the fetish of the week. White plaster baroque photo frames. I can't get enough of them in all shapes and sizes. Weird thing about it is ~ I never want to put photos in them. I save a few for myself, but mostly sell them at the shop. I wonder what everybody else puts in them...hhhmmm

Please swing by Faded Charm and check out the other White Wednesday Wonders.

A great big CONGRATS to Sandi from A Cottage Muse ~ she is the winner of the "Welcome Spring" banner. Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun ~ we'll do another soon.

Dee xoxo


  1. Very pretty collection of decorative frames!

  2. White frames are one of my can never have too many, I think :)

  3. Dee,

    Got your comment but it won't let me post. Giving me a whole paragraph of computer gobbeldy goo.

    I'll keep trying, but just wanted to let you know. Or maybe try to comment again if you'd like or have the time.

    Meanwhile...rain rain go away.:-(


  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh these are GORGEOUS!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I have oodles of frames that I still need to find a home for - the pretty ones are so addictive - I can't pass them up! I group frames together and place photos in some and fun fabric framed in others - it seems to add color and also makes the actual photos pop more.

  6. Hi Dee

    I love the frames they really are beautiful!!! Hope that you are having a terrific week and that you & yours have a wonderful Easter holiday filled with blessings.


  7. Just got another gal with same issue. Went to blogger help and there are a lot of similar error posts. I'll wait till they fix it Ok?


  8. LOVELY!

    White frames are AWESOME!!!!

    Happy WW!


  9. I have a thing for frames too. The fact that yours are white it's just the icing on the cake!

  10. White frames are always a hit!
    Wow, it seems like it's been raining for days... hear in Portland. I too passed a farmers field and saw ducks swimming in a puddle, it made me smile.

  11. Hi Dee, Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the Easter collection. Happy Easter to you and your family....Julian

  12. Love your collection on white frames, very pretty!

  13. Beautiful frames...have a Happy Easter.

  14. Frames are one of my favorite things to snag at a sale. But I laughed when you said that you don't put pictures in them because I'm the same way. I've been thinking about some black and white vintage pics but just haven't done it yet!

  15. I love your white frames. And the lovely quilt!

  16. I'm always picking up frames too! A gathering of them always look great in a shop or booth. And, thanks again, having just a great day!!

  17. absolutely delightful frames! another great project! Happy, Happy Wet Whites to you!

  18. Dee,

    Love your white frames. I feel your pain. We are about to build a draw bridge because Mother Nature has given us a mote (an a flooded basement -- again. Did I mention we have THREE sump pumps going?!)

    Thank God the sun is shining today!

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.


  19. I love your grouping of white frames. Very pretty. It has been raining buckets here the last few days and cold. I want the warm sun back!

    Happy WW.


  20. Those frames are beautiful! I love how the light is shining through the window, very pretty picture:)

  21. Hi Dee! Love your frames, I collect them too, I have a stack in the barn waiting for redos! I love the towels from your last post... Those birds are so sweet! I'm sure you will find something to do with the other two, maybe a small window or a pillow or a bag or a... towel! I wouldn't put them where my kids actually used them either though! Thanks for stopping by... Theresa

  22. I Love Frames Too ~ Those are Beautiful.... since most of My Photos are still sitting in files in My Computer, I have put some of my favorite scrapbooking papers in frames ~ makes a great look~
    Have a Wonderful Easter Week & EnJoy the Ponds while You have them....

  23. I love your white frames, Dee. Just love White Wednesday. Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter!

  24. How about putting mirrors in them and hanging as a collection on a wall or up the stairs. If you could find some old mirror glass with distortions and black specs even better!
    They are really pretty.

  25. Those frames are so pretty! I love the curves and details.


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