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Monday, June 7, 2010

What a Day

I spent a good portion of the day (just the part with sunlight in it) Sunday cleaning my house. It was quite gross and humid outdoors and the dust bunnies were lurking under every table and chair I own. What it really needed was a good dusting off of all my knick knacks. If you don't know what the inside of my house harbors, take a look - knick knacks EVERYWHERE. Which is why this took me so looong. Just my mercury glass and old bottles took over an hour. Mr. Pig is very happy I finally dusted off his chef's hat and replaced his Happy Birthday message of 3 weeks ago. Check out the sweet Summer Sun art project my son Pearce made for me ~ it was in the townwide artshow and we are all so proud of him. Can you tell which it is:) Please pay no attention to large apothecary jar of wine corks (its actually just one of many we have). Im such a collector I can't even bear to throw wine corks away. Actually, heres a tip which I got from my sister and still need to try. She uses her corks as mulch...kinda. In her pots outside, instead of mulch, just throw in a few handfuls of corks. Talk about being green. Plus, it really looks great. Anyway, after I was finished cleaning inside, I moved outdoors and did a little more maintenance in the garden. Those peonies really fade fast don't they. One good rainstorm and they are done for.

Which brings me to my well deserved break on the porch. It was perfect for about 20 minutes (thats when everyone came home). I had my Arnold Palmer in gorgeous hobnail glass, my Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine, and the worlds comfiest glider. Next time, all I need is a friend to sit and share with.

Hope your weekend had some nice quiet moments as well. Because today is Monday and my calendar is insane:)

~Dee xo


  1. Dusting is tiresome but totally worth it when you have such lovely objects! I like your outdoor photo lots.


  2. Move over girl I am coming to join you!! Everything looks wonderful! Have a great week!

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Loving the photos....and loving all the shells! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Hi Dee! Catching up on my blog visits! :)
    Such a warm sunny spot on your glider...I'd sit and never move..let the dust bunnies flourish!! lol:)
    Grabbed your button too!
    next, catching up on emials...I'll be in touch!

  5. the glider I hauled into my car off the side of the road? I think I should be sitting there with you!


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