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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspired by Jeanne d'Arc Living

I really enjoy Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine. It is a huge extravagance for me to buy a magazine that costs what it does ~ but I can't help it, I'm totally hooked. I don't even care if I get it in another language ~ I just love the photos. They must use a different lens or something ~ the world just looks...better, more soft and filtered...beautiful. And the words, the words are simple.  No big SAT vocabulary words printed here ~ and yet we all get the point. That's if we even bother to read the words. I simply love to get lost in the photos. I like to imagine that one day, I will live there. Wherever there is. I'm not really sure, but I like it. Therefore, I  try to emulate the photos and stills found in the pages and breathe life into them in my home.  I hope you enjoy ~

p.s~ my camera is an embarrassment so please don't expect too much ~ just try to imagine...............

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Dee xo


  1. Dee,

    I HAVE to order mine each month too! (from Carole Of Maynard Greenhouse.) I just wish I had more of last years issues. I have only one. :(

    All that tin....oh my


  2. I think I have you beat on the camera thing. I heart the champagne bucket!

  3. I also should not be purchasing a magazine at that price but I have given all my other ones up to have this one... It is beautifully illustrated.... I loved the Christmas issue from last year...

  4. I am so splurging soon on that magazine! Your pictures are wonderful!!

  5. Dee, the bust is regal and full of spirit! olive♦

    happy ww!

  6. This is very pretty!
    I think your camera is fine. The light inside is not the best for a camera unless you have a very bright house...I am seeing it in the new house...So my last pictures are very dark. I need to find a nook in the house where it is not dark to take pictures...Anyways, thank you for saying hi!

  7. I love the champagne bucket. I have been wanting to get one of those magazines. Maybe one of these days.


  8. I'm happy to hear that you're getting inspiration from JDL. It really is a beautiful world in those pages. Many of the homes are in Denmark and Sweden....and strangely enough not so much in France. I used to think the same and not read the words but now I love reading the text.
    What I like is that there is nothing over fussy about the decor and do-able by most of us.

  9. That champagne bucket is amazing!!! It could be used for so many fabulous things!

  10. yeah!
    I love it as well and thank you very much for sending me one. um, you are a great friend Dee.

  11. I always love your photos and I am STILL loving my crown planter!!!!


  12. hey Dee - thanks for playing again! i think your pictures are just fine! may i say, that crown is very exquisite!

  13. Thanks a bunch for your visit over at my place! Ditto on the magazine, except that I haven't been springing for it, and I know very well that I am missing out! I like your expressive style! Jacqueline

  14. It is a magazine to splurge on isn't it? More like an investment in a good book:)
    Love it!

  15. Yes, this exquisite magazine is one that is a guilty indulgence for me also and it transports me to where ever "there" is and I agree... it is a magical place. Though I love my saturation of rich colors... that pristine and calming Nordic French White Decor is just so peaceful and inviting that perhaps one day I will attempt to devote a small portion of my world to that particular style.

    Dawn ... The Bohemian

  16. Isn't that just a great magazine?
    Your vignettes are wonderful!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  17. Hi I stopped by for Vintage Black Friday and had a real treat, love your postings and who says a busy girl can't multi-task? My hats off to you! Good job! XOXO


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