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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My new favorite "Stuff"

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday.  Today I am linking up with The House in the Roses for Show off your Cottage Monday ~ Link at sidebar. What a lovely Blog Cielo has, I literally was so worn out and tired when I found her last night that I could have fallen asleep in her Rose Garden and woke up among the fairies that reside there.

This lovely photo is of a few new items I bought last weekend at a new shop I found called "Stuff". I immediately fell in love with this new haunt and will be back often. This lovely etched decanter is so elegant. Also ~ this fabulous piece of marble. It comes with 2 black cast iron brackets. I have walked all over my house 20 times and cannot find a spot to put it. I'll just hang onto it until I do. He had some lovely mis-matched silverware (which I am a big sucker for) and also vintage brown transferware.

You can bet that I am heading over to Stuff again very soon. Have a great week everyone.

Dee xo


  1. LOVE YOUR FINDS! How wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh yes.. the decanter looks soo pretty and what a great buy! i love the etching on it! beautiful!

  3. Really neat stuff Dee! Love the marble shelf & I too am a sucker for vintage silverware! :)

  4. Dee, you made me laugh and I am not quite awake yet with the "bog sucker" line. The etched piece is pretty. What is it about silver? It's old and not perfect but can be rubbed and polished and loved up I suppose. Have a lovely weekend...olive♥

  5. What fabulous finds!!! Stuff- sounds like a great treasure trunk... HHL

  6. Hi Dee ~ love your new stuff! Don't you just love when you find a new place!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. You have it displayed so pretty....reminds me of a cool Spring day. At least I can pretend it's cool:))
    We need a stuff store here too!

  8. Hi Dee
    Love the silver!! Great stuff.

    You had stopped by and asked about my Santos. Mine is a reproduction. She does look a lot like yours. Look at your cage and what is left of your arms...are they attached with phillip head screws... the old gals had NO such screws.

    She is lovely either way.... the originals are more expensive then some cars...

    Thanks for stopping ~ L

  9. Hi Dee - Just found your lovely blog through SOYCM. J'adore your blog and now have to check out your online store since I'm decorating my guest room with a French bohemian theme, and looking for objet's to put in there. Any suggestions?

  10. Love brown transferware too. :-) It looks like you had a grand time visiting STUFF... No stuff around here....darn.

    Warm blessings,

  11. Very lovely setting and vignette... love tarnished silver too! thanks for participating in our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your home.


  12. ... and thanks for coming bay our little house in the roses and for taking time to stroll our enchanted gardens.... it's been a pleasure meeting you!



  13. Cute name for a shop!
    Love your finds, and I too am a total sucker for old silverplate. Love it, have too much!

  14. Nice!!! That piece of marble is really great! I would use it on my island for a cutting board or for under plants. You are going to have so much fun finding a place for it. I am off to Cielos to see her blog:)Try to make it to Brimfield in September, you will have sooo much fun. I am already scheduled to go!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  15. Beautiful... love it all! and thanks for participating in "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your home and gardens...



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