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Friday, August 27, 2010

Pay it Forward ~

I love my hometown little flea market. It is the only place where I truly find gems in the rough.  Though certainly not grand or chic or artsy at all. Actually, its kind of dumpy and Mr. Vintage makes me call him when I arrive and leave because he thinks it's a bit dicey and some of the characters a tad surley.

A year or so ago, I would have had to agree. But now, I just love it. I am heading out there shortly, middle child in tow (future American Picker - its his favorite show) to see what goodies I may have missed last week. Today, I know many of the vendors by first names. Sometimes if I catch a gem on my way out after my cash supply has been depleted, the let me "slide" till next week. Can you imagine? Who does that these days? Also, today I am going with a mission in mind. I purchased this lovely Dom Perignon chiller bucket from an older woman, who by the look of it, may be living out of her car with 2 cats. At the time - I really did not want to spend the $$ she was asking for it. Honestly, I didn't think much of it, it wasn't really what I usually go for. But I had found nothing else that day and decided I would rather not go home empty handed - so I talked her down $20 and bought it.  Well, needless to say, when I got home and did my research, it was worth a WHOLE lot more than what she was took. Of course it sold right away for a more accurate price. Therefore, today I am returning and hope she is there (she is always there) I am giving her the extra $20 - plus some  items I hope she can use to sell. I am not a big textile person, but that seems to be her specialty and I have lots gathering dust. So I am giving it to her. Maybe somewhere in the overflowing bag, there is a lace tablecloth made by Betsy Ross that is worth a fortune ~ I hope so.

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Have a great weekend friends and remember to pay it forward ~ you never know:)

Dee xo


  1. Hope you find some great things. I'll bet you know Craig:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. That's so honest of you. I hope that she is there this time.

  3. ~*~So glad I found your beautiful a follower now~*~* Rachel

  4. That is so awesome. God will bless you even more for doing that. I wish the whole world was like that.

  5. Good for you and the flea lady. Hope you find some more good stuff this weekend.

  6. this post is classic Dee!
    I know you hate to admit it but you are a good person-not a nice one, but you are good. you know exactly what I mean. I hope she is there!

    I miss you and that damn flea market with the sometimes scary, carny like vendors. I need some junky bits, you know what I like. Find me some and I'll pay you back!

    have fun and I will call you later from my wine glass!

  7. You are the nicest person! I hope you find her.

  8. Dee,
    Enjoying my stroll through your place.

    Have a blessed Sunday

    barbara jean


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