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Friday, October 8, 2010

Carmen Miranda called ~

She wants her earrings back.  Thus was the message left by Mr. Vintage to me on a note on our kitchen table. Isn't he witty, I thought. I had just picked up an awesome lot of gorgeous vintage jewelry at an estate sale and really thought these pearl & beaded earrings were the best out of the whole bunch. Apparently, not everyone thought so.  Thats okay, I bought tons of other great stuff ~ not all so....hhmmm..dramatic.  The necklace is so nice and the perfect color for Fall dressing.

Wouldn't this pendant look great on a velvet ribbon?
This cameo set is amazing ~

...and check out these bracelets. Its a good thing I got there early. the nice jewelry is always the first to go at an estate sale.

Remember, October is Breast Cancer awareness month
Hoping to hit a few more sales this weekend ~ 'Tis the Season and I have the bug.

Linking up with the lovely Debra at Common Ground for another week of Vintage Inspiration ~ link @ sidebar. Thanks Debra ~ Happy Friday!!!

Dee xo


  1. Dee I am in love with that bracelet!! And your husband is very witty!!

  2. Those bracelets are awesome. Especially the multi-colored one. I do have to say that those earrings your husband commented on are huge - I would think they would hurt the earlobes.

  3. Well Dee, I'm rather Carmen Miranda-ish myself so I think all your Bohemian Bling looks fabulous... wear 'em with confidence Girl... if you truly Love something you can pull it off.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hey there, Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I think those earrings are kinda neato, and I really like the necklace (I keep going back and forth between Teal/Turquoise and Red lately)...Though I'm not sure how my ears would be able to handle those earrings, lol.

    I love the Turquoise, Silver and Coral (?) bracelet. I've been hunting myself lately for old Turquoise!

    Thanks for stopping by, and your blog is awesome.

  5. Hi Dee, sorry it's taken me so long to get here! LOVED this post, you had me laughing at the title. Aren't husband's wonderful? te he! Going thru estate jewelry is just a favorite of mine, you picked up some great pieces!! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF! Hope you're off to a great week!


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