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Monday, November 22, 2010

Why does it take so long.....

Cleaning any room in my house takes fooorrreevvveeerr. Why? Because of all the llittle things that need to be picked up carefully, dusted, polished and/or windexed and put back in the right spot. That is unless you are in a creative mood (and when am I not?) Then I have to change everything around. The table that housed the gorgeous lamp and bar for several years undisturbed, has now lost its rights to the corner. Time for a change of vignette. Poor Mr. Vintage comes home from a long day - walks to the table for his favorite glass and a nip, only to find it has been re-assigned to aother room.

This chair absolutely had to be put somewhere where it would be noticed
I just think its hysterical (especially because I know many of you do it as well) that you can take apart a completely useful corner of a room just to put up something that simply appeals to your eye at the moment. It has no purpose or usefullness - it just "feels right".
These are just a few of the items that have found new temporary living condition until a I have another cleaning frenzy and wonder...."why did I move this in the first place?"

Gorgeous Ironstone bowl that I walked around with for 20 minutes trying to find its "home"

I moved the bar just for this one piece ~ its a holy water holder I found at a flea
                        Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
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Dee XO

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  1. LOL I do this ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!! And sometimes I change things around just to end up changing them back to the way they were to begin with! At least things get cleaned and dusted but I am usually left exhausted;)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh and you do have neighbors now. They found out at the closing that they actually "OWN' the whole street. Ha Ha
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I can so relate ... the Holy water holder is gorgeous!!! xo HHL

  3. Dee, that chair is fabulous! I guess hubby can walk a few extra steps if that chair gets to stay!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. Did you find the fabric by the yard? Or was that great chair already upholstered?

  5. Boy do I know that feeling! Love that chair!


  6. When did you get that chair?
    miss you and wish we were eating turkey together!

  7. I ADORE that chair -- gorgeous! And I love the ironstone.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  8. Oh goodness, your holy water holder made my heart go pitter patter! So lovely:) Happy WW!!!

  9. Yes, yes, I play this game too! But that chair would certainly have to stay within view! Happy white! Jacqueline

  10. It takes me forever to clean too because I always end up redoing each room...crazy!!! LOVE that chair, I'm glad you found a place where to really show it off!!

  11. I just love that Holy water fountain. How lucky you were to find that.

    Best wishes,

  12. I so relate to moving things around, my mother says you have to look before sitting down in my house or you might be sitting on the floor where the furniture used to be. Lovely bowl and the chair is stunning. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Oh Wow! That holy water fountain is gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving Dee! I am so ready for Christmas. Sherry

  14. Had to smile about your comment to my Laura Van Cross Post... yep, I was SO indecisive about which to pick! And yes, I do exactly the same thing in our Home... I walk around for ages trying to find a perfect spot (or any spot at all since I'm past saturation point on Lovelies... LOL) for each treasured piece! And the cleaning... takes forever and a day... I really need a hoard of Merry Maids to help me get it all to an acceptable level of squeaky clean and presentable. *le sigh* I have so many chachkes that I think it would scare any hired help to death even IF I could afford to hire housekeeping to help me keep on top of it. *smiles* So I make a "Game" out of buying dirt busters for each Grandchild and for now they're at the tender age that they think it's fun... but I know that won't last. *He he he* Your vignettes are lovely... and I do the "no purpose" vignette thing too..., we definitely are Kindred Spirits my Friend! Hope your Thanksgiving was memorable.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Hi Dee! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I LOVE that chair! My motto is rearranging is always a good thing :))

    Hugs ~

    :) T


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