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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Fresh Start

Even though I utterly cannot stand the cold ~ there is something about January that just warms my heart. Maybe its the quiet stillness after the snow storms, or the soft fading sunlight shadows or just the fact that life's hectic pace slows down ever so slightly. I know for sure that I am practically giddy at putting away all the Holiday glitz and getting a clean slate back.
I literally just put the last of the Christmas decor boxes into the basement and did a little jig as I finished.  Then, I whistled as I polished the bare wood dining room table that I haven't seen in 50 days or more. At some point during the course of the year, piles will build up, I will bring home way to many cute things from the flea and scatter them about empty tables and shelves and dust bunnies will run rampant. But just for now, I will savor the soft January filtered sunlight spilling across my lemony scented not so cluttered  spaces.
I am linking up with Debra for another fabulous Vintage Inspiration Friday party at Common Ground ~ please join us ~ Her link is at my sidebar.

Also ~ A new party for me ~ please check out Feathered Nest Fridays over at The French Country Cottage ~ link also at sidebar

Dee XO


  1. Hello, I came over from Debra's at Common Ground... your blog is beautiful... I too enjoy the quiet of January and getting my house back in place... love your wooden crate full of plants... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. LOVE your great wooden box!!! My Christmas stuff is now moved down stairs waiting to be put away and the outside is still decorated. lol More snow on Monday. Yippeee where the heck are we going to put it? Enjoy the weekend:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Hi Dee,

    Those crocks are awesome!!! I have not yet been bit by the January organizing bug, bug I'm hoping it happens soon! I've been spending my evenings nestled in a blanket! I LOVE winter and snow!!

    Enjoy your January!!


  4. it is nice to have the house back in order after the holidays. And I LOVE the smell of lemon polish!! Your box with the plants is so sweet and I love your little crocks. I look for these all the time when I am out thrifting. Very nice, Dee!


  5. J'adore the Paris teapot! I collect teapots and of course yours is french so it's sooo cute to me.

    Saying hello from a fellow Feathered Nest participant. Please stop by when you get a chance, I'm having a nice giveaway.

  6. Dee, I cannot see the surface of my table right now so good for you! That wooden crate is gorgeous. Stay warm. Have a terrific weekend. ♥O

  7. Hi Dee, I agree, I love the simplicity of January. quiet and calm and no decorations. It took me awhile to get my Christmas decor all put away. But now I'm itching for Spring! Thanks for linking up for the party,
    big hugs,

  8. Hi Dee~ I hear you on the table! Why does it seem to 'catch' everything al the time? I love the wooden basket you have- it is really cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  9. Hello Dee, Thank You for stopping by today. Have a sweet week..............Julian

  10. Hi Adrianne!! I am so sorry we haven't called you guys. I feel like I am adrift and need an anchor tied to my feet so I can stop. Happy belated to Pearson. we hope his day was special. Did you get my email? love you.

  11. I know the feeling of having stuff cluttered around when you just come home from a fleamarket, auction, or antique shop. I guess it goes along with the biz! Your table and displays are great.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  12. I love that tea pot!
    I'm visiting form French Country cottage, I'm your neighbor on the party!

    Great stuff you found!!!


  13. Love it all- It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing at my party! :)


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