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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Connecticut Picker in Mark Twains backyard

You know I do love me a good story. Some of the best come from the Flea Market vendors as to where they get their treasures. About 2 weeks ago and was ambling through the flea when some really cool items caught my eye.

Yes, this is what they called a cottage
According to the vendor,  all these items (plus a few others) came from the same spot. Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) built a very lovely Gothic American cottage in Hartford in the 1870's for himself and family. I myself have been lucky enough to tour the inside of his gorgeous, grand home with my children on school field trips. It is so worth the trip if you find yourself in the Hartford, CT area.  Anyway, I digress (surprise there) Apparently, there sat a cottage on the outskirts of his property that somehow got lost and separated over the years.  No one knew it was part of Mark Twains estate. It had been sitting derelict for a good many years until just recently after a winter storm finally did it in, it was torn down and removed. What the vendor told me was that the cottage had been rented out to a French Nun. She lived there on The Clemens family property for many years until her death ~ all of  her belongings were still in the cottage. Unfortunately, by the time he got there, most of the large items were taken and it was being roped off to trespassers because it was in danger of completely caving in on someone. But, he did manage to run in and purchase a few boxes from the estate before the wrecking ball was to hit and he had to leave. I, in turn, bought those boxes and these are some the items they contained.

The vendor didn't think he scored any great items ~ I seriously beg to differ. I hope to get to the rest of the contents soon ~ these lovely items have been hiding in boxes for too long.

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Dee XO


  1. Hi Dee! Those items your were able to get your hands on are to die for!

  2. Wait?! He stole them? He didn't! Did he?

  3. I should clarify - No - he didn't run in and steal the boxes - there were workers there to rip the place down, he just had to run in and grab what he could fast and get out before the wrecking ball hit.

  4. the old saying "one man's trash is another's treasure" could not be more true with us lovers of vintage...rust and elegant....we love it all. Happy Voila Thursday. Love your finds. xo Lynn @thevintagenest

  5. Great story and great things. Can't wait to see what else you get:)
    ~Debra xx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Love the finds Dee and the story. We miss out on that true history here in Cali not much of that. Love the enamel ware. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. Oh lucky you!!! I recently visited the Twain house last Halloween and have always loved that property.

  8. How Cool is that.. I love the history behind a piece.. Thank you for sharing.. Love it..
    happy new follower.. Great Blog

  9. are so lucky, these are fantastic!!

  10. Great finds and a fun story!

  11. Great story behind even greater finds! ... love the French botanical {?} book ... would love to have a peek inside ; )

    Thank you for inspiring all of us at Voila!
    Gypsy Brocante

  12. Great finds from the past. It's great to have a piece of history.
    ~ Julie

  13. did I tell you I found our Queen Anne Victorian? seriously it's gorgeous and we could probably buy it for 35,ooo. PLLLEASSEE? for when those husbands of ours aren't around any more.


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