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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Great Find

I love finding something different. Something not everyone can get their hands on. Something that makes customers type their passwords wrong because they are trying to get it faster than anyone else;)
Well, I found one...and here it is:

Take a looky at this amazing antique Industrial Balance Scale. Both scale dishes and the base are solid brass. The center pole is solid heavy copper. This is one serious scale. It weighs about 25 lbs. It has absolutely no markings anywhere, but is in amazing condition for its age. She looks pretty good for 150 years old, huh? I was told t the auction where I bought it that it is from a button factory. Where buttons were weighed by the pound. It is still perfectly balanced. 
I truly love it and am so happy for the time we can spend together before her "Forever Home" scoops her up and she is out of my life. 

Who knows. Maybe to another button factory or seamstress shoppe? I can only hope. She is available at French Bleu Vintage now. If you have any questions about this beauty, ask away.

Merci ~ 
Dee XO

1 comment:

  1. Wish it was me who found those fantastic scales. I did have a great find 23yrs ago when I first came to live in France I bought some from a brocante, can't remember how much I paid as the currency then was francs. but I do remember is was not very much. I gave them as a present to my daughter, so each time I visit her house I still have the pleasure of seeing them. Lucky you, I hope the buyer appreciates them as much as you do.


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