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Monday, August 8, 2011

4 Months and counting

Yipes! What a rude awakening I had this morning. I received 3 emails regarding Holiday ads that need to be placed in magazines, asap. "Surely they are mistaken, I thought, I have plenty of time". Its no secret that I am the worlds worst procrastinator (Mr. Vintage is 2nd in line as evidenced by our kitchen re-model - the one that will never happen:)

Nope, its true ~ I do NOT have plenty of time. I needed to pull out those photos I have been saving and get right to work. I could never work for a magazine.

Im sure most have you have already started your Holiday planning and shopping. I have not. But this year I vow that I will  not start in December. More like October, when I can at least throw a sweater on to go shopping instead of browsing the shops in my beach cover-up. Also, the gifts will be meaningful. Fun little trinkets and bits that I find in my travels. Not the snowman soaps or pre-made gift baskets that I count on at the last minute. Also, to shop locally. These little in town businesses need all the help they can get.

Well those 4 months are gonna fly by quickly, so Im off like a prom dress. Those twinkly lights don't hang themselves up you know!

Have a great week 
Dee XO


  1. Holy moly and I thought I was too early for getting Halloween items ready!


  2. What the hell Dee. Now I am having anxiety. miss you.

  3. I do not want to hear the word Hollidays


    i am having a hard time with school starting again so soon


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