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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cooperstown or Bust ~ Part 1

Son #1 is off playing in New York this week - Cooperstown actually. Home to The Baseball Hall of Fame and waaay many other baseball things I can't even mention because I .....(gasp) do not enjoy baseball. I'm sorry, I know I may even lose a few followers because of this but I don't. Honestly, those games are 2 hours each, at least. With 3 kids, I know there is plenty more I could be doing than sitting on my duff reading US magazine - which is exactly what I would be doing ~ come on you know your guilty of it too:)

Luckily Dad and son #2 love it. So off they went. Flea Markets are always there when you need them - so off I went and look what I got: This enamelware ( I actually got at 3 different sellers) is awesome. I can't get enough of it after having read the last issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living. Very pretty and in pretty decent shape too. This old tin - which I couldn't bring myself to haggle over the price for with the nice old lady selling it. She said it was her Moms and she had a zillion of them but her husband threw them out and said they were junk. "Awful"! says I, and where is the bum today, not helping you sell? Then she laughed and spat out "Dead" - yipes! I handed her my $10 and sped off. That was a bit odd. Next vendor please. Also, some great old crown jewelry components for you jewelry makers out there. Everything will be on my shop by tomorrow I'm sure.

But finally, check these out............

AWESOME!!! These Vintage Game playing table tops. Very collectible and in great condition ~ Also (and this is probably older than I could ever guess) this lawn or duck pin bowling set. 10 pins and 3 of the most used wooden balls you will ever see. How I wish I had an old style game room to show these off in. I really had a great day at the flea ~ but now its over and I miss my boys. I'm so glad I have all of you to keep me company. I hope everyone is having a great weekend ~ I hear thunder in the distance so I'm off to bring in the patio cushions now.

~Dee xoxo


  1. don't like baseball? I love it...I hate much touching and pushing! love your finds!!!

  2. Great finds. Funny about the bum, hah. I had two boys that played baseball. I sat in the heat game after game.
    At least I could understand it, never did football.
    Now years later it doesn't even play into their lives. What seemed so important to them then is not now. So, don't feel bad about it at all. I do not miss those hot days in the sun. I do miss going out for ice cream afterwards, hah.

  3. Great finds!!!!Love the crown:) Hey, I was in your neck of the woods yesterday. I had to meet my husband with some paperwork accross from Dietricks (sp?) Greenhouse. He said you should go and check it out. Hello....That is exactly what I was going to do. So I said " Do you think I should buy some flowers for the yard?" And he laughed and said yes. So I used 'our cc',lol and came home with some beautiful flowers. Tomorrow I am going to visit Carole Maynard at her greenhouse:) It is a great weekend!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Dee, some folks notion of junk is decidely odd. But al the better for us! Love It All.


  5. Those are carom boards! My brother Scott and I played all the time. All I remember is sore knuckles.

    Hate baseball? It is the PERFECT thing to take a nap to, on a screen porch especially if the pirates are playing, says an old PA gal.


  6. FOUND the BEST STUFF EVER! OMG...I'm drooling here! I'm not a sports person either...urgh! Well, my girls dance and I do like that but baseball, football, tennis...yawn! NEW follower! GLAD I found you!

  7. you found some real beauties!!

  8. What gorgeous treasures and trinkets!

    Thank you for your kind comments and support.
    May only lovely things be awaiting when you open your door.

  9. Dee,

    I totally agree with you regarding baseball. I have a hard time enjoying sports unless 1) I am playing or 2) have a wager on the game!
    That being said, you need an iphone so you can shop etsy and read blogs for those times your endurance is tested! As always, I adore your new found treasures and will be visiting your shop soon. The story about the woman selling the ivory soap tin is hysterical. I can just picture your face.
    Your Friend,
    PS The baby bird in my post was not harmed. He eventually took flight!

  10. Hi Dee,

    I love the graphics on your old game boards - charming!


  11. Oooo wonderful finds, love the enamelware, what great games too!

    Thanks for the sweet comment about my jean ruffle pillow.

    Have a great week!

  12. What wonderful Treasures ~ The enamelware & the bowling game ~ Love Them

  13. Fun finds! Thanks for the recent visit to my blog where I redesign with vintage jewelry and found elements. Yes, I agree it truly is time consuming and my home is overrun now with bits and baubles. Argh! However, I love what I do, am successful at it and have a following of customers that makes it worthwhile.
    Like you say, to truly do these items their do justice, one must do this pretty much as a business, and it can be all consuming.
    Will check out your etsy shop now. :)

  14. Hi Dee, Me Again ~ Thanks for stopping by, Yes my background is Newer ~ The Fabulous Karen Valentine was the Answer... I did redo My Header Myself, trying to match the Talent of the work Karen Created..... Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend

  15. Love ALL of your treasures, but you know my favorite is all that enamelware! LOVE it!!
    Have a fabulous 4th of July weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  16. Baseball can be fun or boring...either way! great finds

  17. Wow you found amazing stuff, love it all, and in good condition it looks like! I'm with you on the baseball, so happy when my boys decided to do spring soccer....
    Thanks for stopping by!


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