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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Perfect Day ~

The perfect day to receive this perfect gift from my BFF Denise. Its been pretty heavily raining here in CT for about 3 days now. Which is fine because we need it.  And I do love good rainy sleeping weather. When I woke up this morning it was soooo dark, humid, pouring rain and kind of day.  I knew instantly what Roro (2.5 year old daughter that gives me grief about everything) and I were going to do today. Get out the Halloween decorations and start spookin' up the joint.  Then make some cupcakes, a walk in the rain and maybe a Dora Halloween DVD.

Well, a few hours later, its still really windy and spooky outside ~ I mailed out some orders ~ put up a few decorations (Rowan lost interest after the bouncy spider) the cupcakes will wait till brothers come home from school ~ we did take a walk outside the blustery streets with our umbrellas, which I have to say was pretty fun. But the BEST, and I mean the BEST part of my day was opening my mailbox and seeing the familiar writing on a package for me. Denise and I shared some pretty fun Holidays together - but Halloween was our favorite. She pulls off a mean Queen Maab (sp?) by the way. Since she has up and moved to Montana, we correspond often and send/receive many small gifts throughout the year.  Just take a look at these great ATC's she made for me. As well as an amazing person ~Denise is an accomplished paper artist and when she has time, she makes amazing paper crafts for I begged her to make more of the Holiday Tag Cards that she made last year and she did. I'll put them in the "Papier" and "seasonal" section very soon. At this time, I only have 4 sets (she is wicked busy these days) so if you are interested, shoot me an email before they even get to the shop. I just love my ATC's and may be able to grovel and beg for her to make a few for the shop ~ you can never have too many ATC's. She also made these super cool banners which I need to take better photos of: SPOOKY & MAGIC , also on sale at the shop. 

Thank you Denise - your gift made my day just a wee bit more spooky. And you know how I love spooky.

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Dee XO


  1. ~*~*Sounds like a perfect start to your day Dee!! ;) I love dark rainy days too~ guess its good I live in the rest of your day is just as cpozy! Hugs, Rachel~*~*

  2. These are all so cute.
    I love rainy autumn days too and walking under an umbrella. I can't help it, I'm Scottish, it's in the genes! Fall is my favorite season!

  3. If I had kids with faces that grim I would be spooked!

  4. Your friend Denise does beautiful work. I've yet to do any fall decorating at home. I'm so behind this year.
    I'm with you I'm enjoying the rain!

  5. Oh this is adorable!!!! How precious!
    Big hug

  6. thanks for playing! will you be in Danbury for Art-is-You next week?

  7. Love it all!!! Here's hoping you see the sun this weekend!

  8. Love all the vintage on your post, beautiful work and love the banner! Happy VBF!

  9. Those are so Spookally Cute..... What a Nice Friend ~ sounds like you had a great day~

  10. Hi Dee, That is a great gift you recived from your friend. I like the way they look. Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend....Julian

  11. You're getting all the rain that just came through North Carolina this past week...we are having BEAUTIFUL Fall weather now!! But I'm like you...I loved the rain..we so needed it and I went out with my Granddaughter and played in the rain FUN!!
    Sweet gifts from your friend! I love Halloween!
    Love the blog!
    Now a follower..popped over from Debra's VIF!
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  12. What a nice gift from your friend. LOVE your decorations...tooo cute!
    Halloween must be fun at your house.

  13. Hi-thank you for following me. I am now following you!
    Mt. Holly is near Great Adventure. It's southwest NJ. If you google Mt. Holly, NJ it will give you the festivities for October which include the witches ball. The name of the restaurant is the Robin's Nest. The shops are in a small area of the town, but they are all so cute. Let me know if you need anymore info.

  14. Wow, Dee these are incredible, what a talent she is! LOVE them! So glad you linked up today for VIF, these are great inspiration, and I love a rainy day too. Feels good to be home!

  15. Love this! So jealous of your weather, while it is gorgeous here in Savannah, it's nothing like New England in fall! Keep spookin' up the joint! XX!

  16. Sounds like such a fun day:)I could picture you and that cutie walking with your unbrellas in the rain. From the weather report you will be able to do it alllllll weeeeeek. Love your special gift you received too:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  17. So glad you like them Dee-I have more coming your way!! Um, when can you get on a plane and come out here for tricks and treats? Just imagine for a moment....streets lined with sugar maples in an assortment of fall colors, and row after row of these gorgeous bungalow style houses. Okay it is pretty and people aren't nearly as stuck up but at the same time-no one here goes quite as crazy about Halloween as back home.

    We had a summer weekend and today is cold and gloomy. I am ready for Sleepy Hallow but it would be more fun watching it with you!!
    miss you.

  18. You were right...great minds think alike! LOL!!!
    It rained here today, I should had copied you and done something around the house but not...I just took a nap!!

  19. I love rainy, stormy days too! Love your blog, will be back to visit again, thanks much for visiting mine:)


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