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Friday, September 24, 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party ~ Spellbook

My Favorite Book of Spells
This book is a must for anyone who has ever tinkered with Natural Magic. And by "Natural",  I mean magic that is kind, never harmful and full of great love and appreciation for the Earth Mother.  I have had this book for over a decade and it never fails to inspire me.

As far as spells go ~ inside it speaks on everything from Healing Magic (lots of honey) to An Apple Love Spell. Since this is apple season ~ here ya go:

 ~ A genuine old charm:  Pick your apple when the moon has waned three days. Breathe upon its green cheek, rub it with a scarlet cloth and say: "Fire sweet and fire red warm the heart and turn the head".
Kiss the red half, put it in anothers hand. Who holds it shall weaken, who eats it shall be yours.

But remember ~ use with caution. Remember what happened in the movie?

And if the apple spell doesn't work...
Love potion #31 will
Huge Thank You to La Boheme Magique & Frosted Petunias for hosting such a fun party. Please visit all the other participants through the Practical Magic Party link @ sidebar ~  Dee xo


  1. Love this! I will try the spell! Is the book real? Join us too us for more Practical Magic at Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

  2. This is a great post... unique and fun! Hope you are having a magical day. xx

  3. Beautiful! Love your silver serving pieces and your photos! Thank you for inviting me over!

  4. What a wonderful spell! Thank you for sharing your Practical Magic Party post with us.

    Please feel free to fly over and visit with me:

    Sincerely, Theresa

  5. I love your visuals. Very creative. Thanks for sharing. Please visit me:

  6. Love your post, as I soooooo love fall and especially Halloween!!! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  7. I've always wanted to learn about Wiccan and this seems like it's along those lines.
    Wonder who I could try that apple trick on?:))

    It was wonderful meeting you and your family in person yesterday. Wish I could have stayed longer. We'll have to get together at ET sometime before the season ends.

  8. Wonderful party post and spell! Brightest Blessings!

  9. Oh, I"m always on the lookout for new magickal books like this one. Thank you so much for posting the apple ritual. Magickal blessings to you.

  10. Oh, now this is a book that captures my interest! Thanks for the heads up and loved your Practical Magic post and spell very sweet I would think? !~^..^~ * Annabelle

  11. Thank you for sharing info about the book and the wonderful ritual with us. Your photographs are mouthwatering delicious. Of course, the song "Love Potion Number Nine" is now stuck in my head, but it could be worse. Hehe at least it has a hipshaking tune to it!

    Faith, trust, and faerie dust!

  12. I love the ritual of spells and charms, and the generous spirit of all the girls sharing their art and knowledge this weekend!

  13. Lovely post, simply magical! thanks for sharing :)

  14. Great Party post and wonderful photos too.. I'm a little late finishing up the list.

  15. Great Party post and such wonderful photo's

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Brightest Blessings,

  16. what a lovely post,maybe I wll try the spell, we need all the help we can get right?


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