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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to "Horse around"

My latest "found treasure"
I wish I had a horse. I do. They are beautiful, majestic, honest and all that is good in the world. I took riding lessons once upon a time. Mr. Vintage bought me lessons for my birthday about 5 years ago, knowing how I had always loved horses. Did I mention I have a daughter that is 4. Needless to say, lessons ceased after a few months. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent at the barn. Most of all, I simply enjoyed being with the horses. Grooming them, talking to them and even cleaning the stalls was enjoyable to me.
Fabulous advertising tin 
I saw the movie "War Horse" last weekend. My eyes have not yet recovered. They are still red rimmed and watery. A good movie, in my opinion, not Mr. Spielberg's greatest, but still a sweeping epic which I enjoyed. I will not give anything away to those of you still deciding if you can put yourself through it.

I will go back to the barn again soon. When my daughter is in school full time. I don't think I will take any more lessons though. I do not wish to compete or even look good riding (truth be known - they lost me at learning to post) just to be near them is enough for me. We have three horse rescue shelters in my town and  I have already filled out the volunteer forms. So it is simply a matter of time.
A Close Race ~ Vintage German plate
Therefore, I thought I would throw a little equine goodness into blogland this week. These are 3 of my latest finds. I cannot believe someone would abandon the painted wooden horse plaque, its signed and dated by the crafter and I love it so much that it goes in a spot of honor above my dining room fireplace.

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Have a great week ~
Dee XO


  1. That sounds like so much fun Dee. We are always learning new and fun things about you:)Have a great week. I hear more snow is on the way.
    ~Debra xxx

  2. Hi Dee, Oh my daughter loves horses, too and would love nothing more than to spend every waking minute around them! Problem is, they are too far away, and too expensive to get involved with. Maybe she will find a way when she is out on her own one day! Love your horse, and tin, and those little crocks!!
    Have a lovely day!

  3. I can see you being a great horsemen or is that horselady? Love your new finds but that first one is really special.
    I heard from a friend that Warhorse was not a feel good movie. I so want to see it but can't go with friends because I know I will be balling the whole time.
    You would love Alison's blog....Polohouse. It's on my sidebar if you have time.


  4. That would be wonderful to help out at the horse rescue shelter. Still have yet to see the movie, but I'm a big crier at movies (even the recent Muppet movie), so I have to steel myself :) Happy WW! ~Lorraine

  5. Hi Dee, the horse plaque is wonderful. I find horses compelling, beautiful and scary all at the same time. hugs♥Olive

  6. Horses are beautiful and wonderful creatures, but I will have to admire them from afar. As I child I rode and my mother always had a horse, but alas when I was about 14 I became extremely allergic to them and have never been able to ride again. I do love your horsy finds, especially the wooden horse.

  7. love your finds Dee. Horse girl, adventurer.
    snow, snow, more snow.

  8. Hi Dee, loved hearing your thoughts on horses. Such powerful and beautiful animals. Love your equine theme of goods! thanks for joining in for VIF!


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