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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can I try this again????

These 2 sweeties are my latest Homegoods find

Oh man - did I ever screw up. I was getting a little bored with my layout (which I now would give anything to have back BTW) so I decided to simply change my 3 column background template. Easy PZ right?  Not so.
These sweet Easter Eggs are freebies with purchase this month 
Everything went haywire - gone - everything! Its all been so simple before. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, I panicked like I had been skipping math class all year and today is finals. Somehow, I squeaked out this basic layout with most information intact. I am seriously scared to try anything else for a few weeks so please please please......just look at the pretty pictures and stay with me:)
Love these ~ I have a different one for each personality....I mean mood:)
Once I calmed down, I started to get all my new Spring items for sale out of storage, dust them off and photograph them. That perked me right back up again. Loving all the bunnies and greenery coming back into play. Come on spring!!!!
Vintage beaded bags are my new weakness
Linking up with Debra @ Common Ground  for Vintage Inspiration Friday
Courtney @    The French Country Cottage  for Feather your Nest Friday
and a new party this week
The Charm of Home @ Home Sweet Home 

Thank you ladies. Their links are still at my sidebar....... i hope:)

Dee XO


  1. lol though not really funny, except it is all too familiar to me.. I was trying to help a fellow blogger remove her follower numbers and in doing so screwed mine up yesterday and now they won't remove again because blogger has changed since I did it last year. ARGH! A very smart blogger pal gave me directions to do it in HTMl but I am scared to try...

    So hang on a few days and go back at it. It is scary stuff - your stomach just goes into knots in seconds.


  2. Yikes! Scary! I edited mine to 3 column in my HTML and I'm afraid to try anything like that. I don't blame you, I would have paniced big time too! Love your photos.

  3. Dee, I change things up all the time. I think you'll like playing with it when the spooky gets off of it. Have fun, don't be nervous.
    And.... I love your new Spring goodies, the bunnies are darling.
    Thanks for linking up for the party!

  4. Im sure all will turn out just fine with your blog. I like all the treasures you are getting ready for your sale. Have a great evening....Julian

  5. I did almost the same thing and I so understand that panicked feeling, I felt like I could throw up, where did all of my stuff go. Now I go to my test blog and play with that one first. One thing I will say that helped me was to preview each time I made a change and to clear changes if I did not like the updates. Good luck and I think we have all had this happen at one time or another.

  6. OK Dee, I need to have those rabbits they go perfect with my egg tree... I didn't see them at my homegoods... I'll keep looking


  7. Love those adorable rabbits.!!

    I understand the panicky feeling well. There is a place somewhere on blogger where you can back up and save your template. Then you can play around with it after backing up to your heart's content. And if you lose something or don't like it you can go back to your old template. And is another blogger suggest "preview" everything first. :) Have fun and have a great weekend. xo

  8. I am always afraid to change things out much on my blog layout because I am afraid of what I might do to it...I understand how you might have felt...yikes....scccaarrryy stuff lol!

    Those bunnies and eggs are precious...and by the way I love your blog :)

  9. Hi Dee,
    Oh gosh, I know what you mean! I tried to change mine and didn't understand the directions at all!

    I love your bunnies and eggs--so pretty!!! And wow, those necklaces are amazing and so is the beautiful!

  10. Yummy purse ... very Springlike! ... and the bunny... too darn cute!! Thanks for sharing at Voila!


  11. I am so happy to have found your blog. I love all your photos. I think we love the same things. Come say hi if you have the time. I am nuts about anything french!

  12. Every time I try something new and mess it up I call Nicole. Bless her heart, she's like a Mom to me at times;)lol She just says ok Mom, I'll look at it. Thank God for kids who know all the latest things and aren't afraid to play with them:) Love your beaded bag. So pretty:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. Dee,
    Your blog looks really nice. I know what you mean about the new templates, it takes a little to get used to them. I am loving your new spring items. Love the beaded bag. I am so happy you joined me! I fixed my button today and now it doesn't have the extra characters sticking out. Sorry about that. I had a lot of trouble making funny buttons but I think I have finally got the hang of it. Thanks for linking up! Come back every Friday!

  14. Your blog looks lovely~ I hear you on changing things too- sometimes it makes everything goofed up when you do it. I haven't even switched to new formats yet!! I am loving that beaded handbag~ how fantastic!Thank you for sharing over at FNF! :)

  15. Dear Dee... thank you for your kind words on my most recent Post. I am Blessed to know many amazing Artists and it is a Joy to promote local Artists and introduce them via my Blog so that their work can be enjoyed by even more people. As an Artist I feel we should be supportive of one another and inspire each other so that we can all saturate the World with amazing Beauty that we've all created.

    I'm loving all your Spring items and so sorry to hear your changes to your Blog didn't work out. I too am panicked when I try something new and then things go South... it has happened twice since I began my Blog back in July 2010 so now I'm very cautious to implement any change. *winks* Be sure we'll continue our visits and support while you work through the changes to make it into the vision you have for it!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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